I am a retired police Captain, having retired in 2011, after serving for 33-years.

In 1997, I connected to the internet for the very first time. Two months later, after wondering "how did they do that?" countless times, regarding web pages I visited, I learned to "view the source code" of each site. In doing so, I slowly taught myself how to build a very basic, "all-vertical" web page. I was officially "hooked."

Since 1997, I've created more websites (for myself and others) than I can remember. One of my most successful "built from scratch" sites, was SoftwareSellers.net, which I opened as a membership software site in 2002. Two years later, I received an offer I couldn't refuse for the site and thusly, SoftwareSellers was sold.

Now, my wife (a retired real estate agent) and I work together, to create memories for folks, in the form of highly detailed plaques. We call our business Pics2Plaques. We started the business in 2017 and since that time we have created many hundreds of plaques. We have shipped to 28 US states and four foreign ports of call.

Well, that's really it about me. I still like to piddle around with websites and that's pretty much how 10n1 (one-on-one) was developed. It serves to allow me to do some coding and to keep me out of trouble (well, almost anyway).

I genuinely hope you enjoy the site.