There are of our widgets, currently in use.
(multiple uses of a single widget are included in this count)

Free RSS Widget
Display blog, news, YouTube &
more on your site!
Password Protection
A simple, yet effective way to quickly
use password protection.
Emoji Picker
Choose your emoji from one of
the largest collections around!
eMail Call!
Protect your e-mail address
from spammers!
Responsive Width Assistant
An easy check to see how your
page appears on different devices.
Email Signature Generator
Create a great looking email signature! It's easy!!
Deadline Generator
Motivate your customers with
a deadline!
Password Generator
An easy-to-use and fast way to
produce a secure password.
Precious Metals Widget
In need of a live precious metals
chart for your website?
Card Creator
Easy to use card creator for
print or posting online!
Pig Latin Translator
Use this in a few posts in
Facebook! It's hilarious!!
IP Widget
Show your visitors their
IP addresses!
Countdown Creator
Give your customers a deadline!
It's fast & easy!!
HTML Scrambler
Make your site's source code
less inviting to being copied!
Your Sun Sign
Check the details of your
sign or someone else.
Nature Scenery Digital Clock
A digital clock with rotating
scenes for your site.
Weather Widget
Allow your visitors to check
weather anywhere, via zip code!
Daily Message
Place His Word on your site
with our free widget!
Unit Converter
Quickly & easily convert between
area, speed, volume and more!
eBay Review Generator
Need your eBay feedback on your website? You can!
eBay WatchCount Generator
eBay no longer shows the number of watchers on an item. We do.